August 13, 2010

Laying in bed. Stomach killing me.

Were in New York. With my friend Ryan French. Yes!

We head to the airport in about an hour. And we fly to Dayton.

Mom’s picking us up.

I can’t handle american food yet.

I wrote a LOT on the plane. I’ll transfer it to the blog soon. Maybe today.

My stomach kills. Ugh. been up for hours because of it. It would be a lot easier if we could just have Matooke here 🙂 but we don’t 😦

Pray I become solid 🙂



been quiet

August 11, 2010

Last couple of days have been difficult to process things…sunday was church day and we had a quiet day.

Monday – rafting all day.

Tuesday – cleaned the walls to a building here.

Today. We leave.

I’ve been quiet all around lately. Hmm

Not really sure what I’m thinking or feeling.

I’m gonna miss Novida Orange soda. Just had my 7th in 4 days. Yum.

I’ll write on the plane. And post in Amsterdam.


August 8, 2010

Paul vs. Ling Ling – Round 3!

Its on!


August 7, 2010

For the first time all trip I can say these words…

I’m ready to come home.

Not that I don’t love it here…because I do. The people and life here is amazing. But its really been confirmed on my heart that a few weeks at a time is what’s good for me.

Maybe one day God will tell me to move here. Maybe. I used to be afraid He was doing that. I’m at peace now because that’s not where He has me now.

But back the point at hand. I’m really at the point where I’m just excited to be back home and get back to teaching and coaching.

Flight lands at JFK the 12th. And back to Cincy on the 13th. Between now and then:

Sunday – church + rest + Ling Ling’s
Monday – rafting the Nile
Tuesday – working at Amani
Wednesday – drive to Entebbe and fly home.


I’m stoked. Missing home. Want to see the dogs and see my kids.

I don’t wanna be in the heat. Its been so nice here, its stupid. Being on the equator is nice!

Fading to sleep.


it was only a matter of time really…

August 7, 2010

We took some kids on a boat ride around Lake Victoria. Saw monkeys and monitor lizards. Kids loved it!

Even stood at the source of the Nile River!!! Sick!

On the walk back I was walking on the road…right foot stepped on a rock, it slipped out, ankle rolled…and I bit it hard.

Sprained right ankle – pain is very high.
Busted left knee – pain is moderate.

Can’t apply any pressure to either legs. Blahhhhhh. So lame.

Oh well. It was only a matter of time till I’d bite it.

Resting on the couch upstairs. Boring.



August 7, 2010

We all have our strengths and our weaknesses. Today I am purposely working with a weakness of mine…new borns. Wow I am not comfortable here.

What do they need?
Are they hungry? Tired?
What if I trip over one?
What if I drop one?
I don’t know how to change a diaper.
Spit up? Uggghhhhh.

Good lord this isn’t an easy day.

I’d much rather prepare a presentation for hundreds of people and speak for a few hours than do this. That’s easy for me.

This isn’t.

And erica loves it.

She’s great. Been spit up on a couple times. And boom easy.

And I look at my bride to be. And think “wow. I’m in over my head. Were gonna make these things?…uhhhh.”

But she gives me a quiet confidence.

I feel better because of her.


I think my break is up.

Back to babies.


goodnight amani

August 6, 2010

Curled in bed at Amani Baby Cottage. Its kinda quiet in this secluded room. Goodnight Jinja.

en route to Jinja

August 6, 2010

In the car to Jinja. About an hour away. Just had bumper to bumper traffic for the last 10-15 miles. Were moving a little better now. This time next week we’re back in the nati. Wow. Were almost done. The next few days are at Amani Baby Cottage. Maybe I’ll see someone I know. Maybe? Hope so.

Traffic picking up. Lame.

Stomach is tweaked. I think I waited too long before taking malaria pill. Erica is feeling the same.

We’ve had a lot of food on this trip. Way more than I expected. Its been delicious. I have not liked everything though. Not a fan of meat really. Too tough. Hard to digest too. Matooke and Chipati – boooooom! Rice is good.

I’m really flipping out about returning to Jinja. The place where it all started. Yes! Weird.

I think I miss the team from 08 as much as I have missed the people here. I really enjoyed my group. A highlight of my life for sure!

Making new memories. A different experience here for sure. Music of this trip has had a very heavy dose of Jack’s Mannequin. And Brand New – but only Deja Entendu.

We’ve had a much different encounter with the people here. Much more raw and in depth. I guess that’s expected when you’re not living in a hotel. And not taking bus full of people that are on your team. We’ve taken some public transportation. Boda Bodas (they ride motorcycles, engine size 100-125 – and are taxis here. Pretty sweet. Cheap too), and hired a few drivers. But its different. More authentic. More genuine.

More drama. Haha.

We’ve been stranded.
Flat tire.
Argued about paying drivers (we did pay…they lied)
Even had the rope holdin the trunk shut snap, and have my backpack fall out on the road (it was almost run over too – I jumped out of the slow moving car and snatched it before it could have been. Haha.)
We’ve had live chickens next to us on a bus.

Its been a whirlwind of a trip so far. Some expected. Some surprises. All awesome!

Anyway, I’m getting car sick.

Music: Jack’s Mannequin
Mood: anxiously awaiting jinja
Prayer requests: so many…all the people we met in masaka, traveling mercy, rita and her conference, amani, the team, our hearts to shatter here, safe rafting, to keep seeking Jesus.

Thanks for reading


in kampala…

August 5, 2010

Just got a pedicure for 7 bucks. Yup. Amazing. Been a fun day in Kampala so far.

Survived the chicken situation on the bus.

Staying at Fang Fang’s hotel…its chinese. They serve amazing sweet and sour chicken.


20 min after eating…its Fang Fang’s fury! Watch out.

I’m chilling in a mall right now. Dinner and a massage later. Maybe. Maybe tomorrow for massage.

When in Rome…

Tomorrow to Jinja. And AMANI! Woooooop!

kampala kampala kampala kampala

August 5, 2010

En route to kampala. But were on a “coaster” – fopr those that were on the 08 BWO trip – that’s a coaster. Its a mid-size bus. 6 rows with 4 seats across. Well really 3 seats and an aisle, but a fold down seat for the aisle.

I’m struggling to digest what we experienced. Last night’s party was pretty amazing. But ended so abruptly. And goodbyes were just thrown around very quickly.

Its about 8am and I’m thinking this will be a long ride to kampala.

I’m riding 2nd to back row. Window seat. Right side. The 2 people to my left have a baby. And often are nursing.

Oh. And she also carried a chickin a bag on. A real live chicken. In a small bag. Yup. True story. Its in the overhead rack. Sleeping right now. Its uganda. What else should one expect?
Grtting car sick. Peace.